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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

This is our team, we are growing everyday to develop and build the next big thing, we are here to support every tour guide and every traveler.

We’re on a journey to create the concept of social travel out of ordinary trips to show you the ultimate experience, We believe that will happen when traveling abroad while acting as a local with real experience of every hidden gem in every corner in the smallest streets, for example have you ever heard of Konbla? its a local street delights, very soft and creamy and delicious and also very cheap.

Visit Guide

We are Visit Guide, We will show you our stories and we would like to hear your story too. We will show you our hidden gems and we will give you the tools to show your hidden gems to the world. With Visit Ventures & Visit Guide you will be able to make money for every viral story you publish. Today, Thousands of people use Visit Guide to learn about their next destination and hear your story and our story. And we’re just getting started.

The Visit App

Traveling with strangers in a public touristic bus is old fashion, Welcome to The Visit App!

Empowering Tour Guides

We're introducing the concept of social travel by connecting you to the locals of every city where you can use the benefits of "sharing economy " to save money and have a safe trip, You will read their stories and experiences, travel with them in their own cars to drive you to the hidden gems in their towns and cities and before you decide if he/she is the right person you will check his health checks/records and latest report from a reputable partner, You can also read their reviews from other travelers to make sure they are following our health guidelines to give you the maximum safety.

Our Story

Opening Egypt to everyone is at the heart of Visit Ventures. Founded by Shehab Ahmed in 2019, a social travel network. When Shehab arrived to Sharm Al Shaikh with his ex-partner Khalid Cook the founder of HostSailor, Khalid came from UK and he did not want to have the normal tourist experience, he wanted a local experience, he wanted to dive but not in the crowded places, he wanted to eat but not in over-rated restaurants with fake reviews, he read on many blogs about secret Bedouins receipts that he can not find in mainstream restaurants franchises so I took him to the Bedouins and they gave us special herbs from the deserts, rare fish and delicious food and Bedouin tea, we stayed there in a solar-powered Bedouin village.

We saw every star in the sky because we were too far away from the city, and I thought why not avail this to every one, everyone deserves to live this life and have this experience, even diving here is very different.

Visit Ventures was born out of a desire to have the local experience while traveling abroad.